jessica jones, garbage person
22 November 2015 @ 02:20 pm
content warning, etc.  
jessica jones' canon is rife with non-consent across the board that means sexual, physical, mental, basically all of it. also substance abuse, suicide, ptsd, survivor's guilt, you name it. opting out of tagging this character is 100% understandable and doable at any time, just let me know. comments are screened. feedback and nudges for backtags can also be left here, or if you just wanna stop by for a chat -- that's weird i don't do that. keep it profesh.
KILGRAVE CR: texting/calling memes only, no shipping, exceptions will be specified
CANON CR: ships w trish, luke, malcolm, claire, karen, frank, wanda, sam, bucky, steve. otherwise m/f pref, exceptions for regular thread partners
always a slut for cross-canon. au's: young @ teenspirits, sexswap @ cocktailer

"and if you wanna save yourself some time, make the drink a pitcher"
"uh we don't even have pitchers"
"well then i don't know what to tell you maybe rinse out a little trash can!"

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